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Ascent – promises of a converging world

A magazine into the future of our ever-more connected planet


This new Ascent magazine is the latest edition of the ascent thought leadership program from Atos and sets out how the years ahead will see era-defining change in the global technology landscape, further impacting the way we all connect, live and do business.


This magazine includes articles and views from business leaders, academia and the Atos Scientific Community. Each of the stories in this magazine can tell us something about the world that awaits us all.


  • Discover the cars that let you sell your secrets while you drive
  • The 5 jobs your children will do..and the one they won´t!
  • How does a cashless world look like
  • Snapshots from a day in the life of Big Data
  • Are you a hypersapiens?

About Ascent – thought leadership from Atos


The technology and business landscape has been changing at an unprecedented speed. As one of the world’s leading IT companies, at Atos we have the responsibility to think one step ahead, to anticipate coming social, business and technology challenges, and to work with our clients and society at large to reinvent the growth models.

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