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Shaping up for Sustainable Growth – Enabling the Firm of the Future

Sustainability is no longer a niche issue or simply a matter of fashion. Sustainability is here to stay, as a priority for individuals, governments and corporations.

Organizations, which embed sustainability at the core of their strategy and operations, future-proof their organization in these uncertain times.

Sustainability Strategy

Transforming Towards The Firm of the Future – A Business Inspired by Nature

Atos envisages a “Firm of the Future”, an organization more akin to a dynamic living organism and which thrives within ever-changing business, socio-economic and environmental circumstances.

To help businesses transform into a Firm of the Future, Atos has developed a strategy to help clients transform to a sustainable, collaborative and adaptive organization, addressing all of strategic and operational levels, and the supporting infrastructure:


  • STRATEGY - Helping our clients to transform to a sustainable business model: We provide consulting services and solutions that help our client’s business models evolve to a sustainable Firm of the Future.
  • OPERATIONS - Enabling our clients to move towards sustainable operational excellence: Optimizing business processes to save costs, increase efficiency and flexibility, stimulate knowledge sharing and enable collaboration across the supply chain (cradle to cradle).
  • INFRASTRUCTURE – Ensuring a sustainable IT infrastructure for our clients: We offer our clients a carbon neutral hosting facility and services to help our clients to transform towards a sustainable infrastructure that has a low carbon footprint or can operate carbon neutrally.

Atos has the capability to implement and run your next-generation infrastructure and we pride ourselves on providing innovative, yet tried and tested infrastructure solutions which are fit for purpose for this decade and beyond.

So why not contact us to arrange a Firm of the Future Innovation Workshop that is tailored to you specific needs. 


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Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts



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Sustainability Animation

sustainability animation

Discover how Atos can help you create a strategy for change leading to sustainable transformation.

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A Sustainable Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Discover how Atos is enabling sustainable growth and helping to make the difference for businesses and the environment.

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