Bring the cloud down to earth with Canopy

Now is the time to view cloud in full as a business strategy for core processes.

Risk or opportunity? Stop experimenting with commodity cloud pilots and discover evolution with complete enterprise cloud.

The cloud in full

The Atos approach to cloud is unlike that of a vendor or a blue-sky consultant. We don’t sell widgets, and we don’t theorize about the future. As business technologists with a pure client focus, we are orchestrators who can put your entire cloud puzzle together. With the security discipline of digital identity thought leaders – and with the core process knowledge of business insiders – we make the cloud safe and straightforward to use. Strengthening the cloud with better service levels and more information integrity, we empower you to freely deploy cloud architectures at any point across your enterprise. Because it’s not the cloud – it should be your cloud, adapted to your individual ecosystem. Techies tell you that cloud computing will change your business. We’re helping business change cloud computing.

The cloud to your cloud

Atos delivers a full-spectrum cloud strategy – from modeling and realization to orchestrated performance of entire IaaS, PaaS and SaaS layers. We also deliver business process as a service, adapted for your exact market and environment. We transform what others call “the” cloud into your cloud – be it private, public, hybrid, community or any combination. Whatever the technical organization, we make it a business model fit for deployment across your complete enterprise. Atos has already pioneered working models for highly complex scenarios such as media and healthcare – virtualizing not just commodity services but core processes. Don’t simply leverage on-demand delivery, use cloud to create your next business ecosystem.

The business impact

Atos has been instrumental in establishing cloud architectures in the public arena, for example, one of the most diverse deployment environments, GoBerlin is the first citizen focused platform on mainland Europe run on community cloud principles. This pioneering solution actually connects citizens, civil authorities and local stakeholders based on every-day scenarios. These are the kinds of business impact achievable with fully orchestrated cloud. Another example is the cloud-based innovation of core media processes such as content creation and distribution. With Atos as your business technologists, you can use cloud delivery to do far more than drive cost out of IT. Flex to real-time business ebb and flow. Collaborate across silos and borders. Empower new global subsidiaries. Cloud can bridge technology and business like never before.

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Jerome Brun
Global GKO Manager Cloud Services

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